London Tour Package

London Tour Package

Day 1 – Your London trip begins with a supper on Thames
When you arrive London you are able to tour the town to make sure you get acquaintance of important sites including Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey additionally the homes of Parliament. You can easily reserve a room for after that 4 evenings.

Day 2 – From Windsor Castle to Westminster Abbey
From London you can visit Windsor Castle, here is the home for the Brit royal family. There are many places of sightseeing like St. George’s Chapel, Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House and Baroque State Apartments. You could simply take a guided London tour including nearly 1,000-year-old Westminster Abbey. This is basically the spot where the monarchs of Britain as well as other personages have now been lain considering that the 11th century.   

Time 3 – Tower of London, the London Eye & the theatre
You can travel to each morning the popular Tower of London which includes the British Crown Jewels. In the evening one could enjoy the supper ahead of the overall performance of music Jersey Boys.

Day 4 – Antiquities at British Museum and mid-day beverage
The British Museum the biggest museum associated with country could be checked out with helpful tips. It consists of Rosetta stone, sculptures from the Parthenon and mummies. Right here it’s possible to additionally understand big collection of Egyptian Roman and Greek antiquities. There are various historical web sites additionally that can be checked out in London.

Day 5 – drive first-class aboard the Eurostar to Paris
You will cross underneath the English Channel, in just few hours you can travel by a high-speed Eurostar train and undertake the “Chunnel” to Paris. In Paris you can view some of the French money’s landmark tourist attractions.

Day 6 – Château de Versailles & Montmartre
Right here it is possible to explore a great deal as you are able to pay a visit to the 17th-century palace of King Louis XIV. You are able to walk through their state Apartments that are ornamented with silver and marble, right here you can additionally discover some gorgeous landscapes.

Day 7 – Mona Lisa at Musée du Louvre – and a Seine supper cruise
Here the entire world famous Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork Mona Lisa welcomes you. There are many various other popular masterpieces what type can easily see here. During the night time you could have a cruise regarding the River Seine and relish the beauty and serenity of location.

Day 8 – Au Revoir, Paris
Your Paris and London trip ends in Paris.
Now you may fly home at any time for your destination.

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