The Top Four Tour

The Major Four Tour

A significant load of rumors tend to be floating around about a potential Big 4 world tour. Whenever talking about the major 4 we mean the four biggest Thrash rings into the land. Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax. This could be a dream be realized for each and every rock lover on the market, but I just don’t believe it may take place.

Demonstrably you can find logistics and schedules that could make it difficult, although major reason I don’t believe it can happen would be the fact that they all hate each other. I mean hate! A brief history amongst these groups and also the proven fact that they have competed for the same fan base has torn any feasible interactions to shreds.

I’m not probably enter into the storyline of Dave Mustaine and Metallica because that’s already been done to demise, but when your band actually leaves you quietly regarding the road and lets you know the trips over… your likely to be bitter. Some think Mustaine formed Megadeth, simply to reunite at Metallica. I’m those types of believers.

Another problem is the mouth on Kerry King. The guitar player of Slayer is forever ripping on everyone especially Dave Mustaine. Various other after that carrying out Kerry’s favorite overdue is speaking crap about Mustaine as soon as he’s maybe not doing that he’s phoning Metallica a lot of offer outs. The only way this trip can happen is if they segregate Kerry from remaining globe. Megadeth and Slayer have now been on trip together in 2010, but never actually spoke the whole time. It should been employed by because they are taking the trip out to Australian Continent then returning to Canada. Perhaps that is how you take action, they do their particular units and go right to the bus.

Today i’ven’t mentioned Anthrax since they literally be friends with everybody but toured aided by the three various other rings on a number of occasions, but Kerry didn’t would like them to feel overlooked so he did an interview that claimed Anthrax from the tour might not be advisable because they are dwindled and non-effective now. That got Scott Ian in an uproar and then he began posting video footage of Anthrax with John Bush on Twitter and sending all of them to Kerry to demonstrate just how Anthrax still has it and King doesn’t understand what he’s discussing.

We continue to haven’t covered that would open up and shut the shows. I think its pretty obvious in my opinion. Opening place would visit Anthrax as they experienced several changes and Bush is not officially straight back using band. Slayer can go alongside crank up the group a bit and then Megadeth just for the symbolic motion of getting Metallica emerge after Mustaine’s set. As much as people set off about Metallica they are the most successful steel musical organization ever and may function as the closers of the show. But egos don’t think that obviously.

This tour just isn’t probably happen. Way to numerous factors and I do hope I’m wrong as it is amazing. Just what a delicacy to see all of them together. While you go through this I’m sure you-all concur that maybe it could occur if we only got rid of Kerry King…

JB Martell